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Celebrating 10 years of Galeries Talitha Marco

'Talitha Marco Galleries,' en Français


Celebrating a Decade of Service

The Beginning

Galeries Talitha Marco humbly opened its doors a decade ago, when Masters graduate Talitha-Anastasia, noticed a gap in the local market for quality European antiques and furniture. Equipped with a strong research inclined background in history, philosophy, literature and the arts, Talitha began to import European antiques and sell her pieces in her first Mt Hawthorn based gallery and also online. Her father Chris Marco and family have always been very supportive of Talitha's chosen endeavour, and three retail galleries later, they have all worked together to develop a comprehensive online furniture gallery. Clients can now purchase exceptional quality designer custom furniture, antiques and homewares from all over the globe, whilst still experiencing the old fashioned service that is firmly ingrained in Galeries Talitha Marco. 

Image Left: Galeries Talitha Marco familial Birthplace, in Florina Northern Greece Macedonia, early 20th C.


Digitalising our Procurement Process

Our Future

Propelled digital Innovation is key for Galeries Talitha Marco to procure exquisite and elegant furniture collections for clientele, and is differing from the early years, whereby the team would physically search for antiques and furniture, by visiting their merchants predominantly in France, Italy, China, Singapore and throughout Australia.
The aftermath of Covid-19 has temporarily ceased travel and therefore also halted the importation of certain types of European antiques and larger, fragile furniture pieces. Great importance to stock list range has been of utmost importance to the team, and Galeries Talitha Marco has adapted their product and antiquity search techniques. Through their online merchants opening up trade and the addition of utilising merchants who can provide other premium quality pieces to clientele, Covid-19 impact minimisation strategies are starting to take effect.

Image Right: Talitha researching at Palais Garnier, Paris, France.



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