Celebrating a Decade of Service


History of Galeries Talitha Marco

The Beginning

Galeries Talitha Marco humbly opened its doors a decade ago, when Masters graduate Talitha-Anastasia, noticed a gap in the local market for quality European antiques and furniture. Equipped with a strong research inclined background in history, philosophy, literature and the arts, Talitha began to import European antiques and sell her pieces in her first Mt Hawthorn based gallery and also online. Her father Chris Marco and family have always been very supportive of Talitha's chosen endeavour, and three retail galleries later, they have all worked together to develop a comprehensive online furniture gallery. Clients can now purchase exceptional quality designer custom furniture, antiques and homewares from all over the globe, whilst still experiencing the old fashioned service that is firmly ingrained in Galeries Talitha Marco. 


Digitalising our Procurement Process

Our Future

Propelled digital Innovation is key for Galeries Talitha Marco to procure exquisite and elegant furniture collections for clientele, and is differing from the early years, whereby the team would physically search for antiques and furniture, by visiting their merchants predominantly in France, Italy, China, Singapore and throughout Australia.
The aftermath of Covid-19 has temporarily ceased travel and therefore also halted the importation of certain types of European antiques and larger, fragile furniture pieces. Great importance to stock list range has been of utmost importance to the team, and Galeries Talitha Marco has adapted their product and antiquity search techniques. Through their online merchants opening up trade and the addition of utilising merchants who can provide other premium quality pieces to clientele, Covid-19 impact minimisation strategies are starting to take effect.
As a result of new digital procurement methodologies, Galeries Talitha Marco is now able to provide clientele with custom made designer furniture according to a clients exact sizing and design requirements. Simply, from a drawing or inspiration photo, the Galeries Talitha Marco team will bring any dream, idea and sketch to life, unravelling a new world of design and furnishing possibilities to their clientele.
Over the past years the team has designed and imported spectacular pieces that have previously never been seen or imported into Western Australia. Grand stone and marble statuary, Iron Victorian greenhouses and wooden architectural pieces based on Royal models, are just few of the magnificent pieces that the team have had the pleasure of being involved in designing and manufacturing through the use of their expert craftsman and artisans. An exciting new world of possibilities can now be accessed by all our clientele like never before.

Our Founders

Learn about the founders of our multi-generational family owned gallery. Perpetuating European history from the very beginning.

  • Talitha-Anastasia Marco

    BCOMM, (J),(CS). MSTA (Int. Arts | Lit)

    Preferred area of interest/expertise:
    19th C. Louis XIV and Louis XVI style
    Ancient Greek and Egyptian antiquities
    Fossils and rare specimens

    "It is not enough to know your craft, you have to have feeling. Science is all very well, but for us, imagination is worth far more." - Édouard Manet.
    Scholar of the arts, literature and history, Talitha distinguished herself in all the national and international universities she attended. She has been awarded college academic scholarships in the Arts in Canada and in Greek Language in Australia, both of which she is extremely grateful for receiving and attending.
    She continued her professional path working under the guidance of several of Perth’s leading entrepreneurs whilst also learning constantly through her family’s building and design company.
    Numerous design and heritage restoration projects, including her favoured estate restoration (where Galeries Talitha Marco previously resided); Claremont Congregational Church (C.1906), and Claremont Congregational Hall (C.1896) have been undertaken by Talitha. She has also worked on commercial event, furnishing and design projects in Perth, Western Australia, such as; The former Print Hall, Broadway Faire, Frasers, Lupo Lab and The Belgian Beer Cafe. Talitha relies on an ethos to preserve and perpetuate history through research, implementation and education. She finds it imperative to help others in need, whilst also indulging herself with her love for antiquities and design. Talitha plans to continue her PHD studies in the arts in the near future.

  • Gayebriella Marco

    Preferred area of interest/expertise:
    European Upholstery Design, (in particular curtaining)
    Rococo style furnishings
    French gilt furniture design (post 19th C.)

    ‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live,’ Gianni Versace.
    Gayebriella (Gaye), started business in the creative industries at a very young age. Opening her own salons and design business in Subiaco, Western Australia, she decided to end her businesses on a high note in order to enjoy being a full time mother to her two children. During her motherhood as the children grew, Gaye began to assist in the Marco family businesses including their building and design company, utilising her creative and decisive eye in the area of interior design and furnishings.
    In 2012, when Talitha-Anastasia (her second born child), opened her first gallery, Gaye had the opportunity to spend more time ‘on the floor’, assisting clientele with their design and furnishing requirements. She greatly enjoys meeting with clientele and fulfilling their greatest expectations of design. The addition of the Galeries Talitha Marco new Custom Design and Concierge Service, has kept Gaye extremely busy researching and designing furniture and interiors.

  • Chris Marco

    Preferred areas of interest/expertise:
    Fine French antique furnishings
    Classic Australian cars
    Antique Architectural Pieces

    “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.” – Plato.
    Well known throughout Australia and the UK for his former Investment Company, Chris Marco has been an avid collector of antiques and collectables his whole life. After his parents moved to Australia to a small country town, a young Chris started collecting coins, stamps and literature for future investments, all items significantly increasing in value as time progressed. Chris accompanies the family on the majority of purchasing trips and merchant meetings, and acts as an experienced business advisor within the family. He has a keen eye for value in antiquities that only an experienced eye can determine, and holds the record for ‘Australia’s most expensive Australian Classic Muscle Car Collection Ever Sold’, through utilising his expert knowledge of sourcing and purchasing rarities others walk past.
    Chris also has a penchant for fine French furnishings and Antique architectural pieces, and has a great deal of knowledge in an items structural integrity and composition. He has developed multiple residential and commercial properties in Perth since he was young and worked with his fathers building company. His father; Alecois; a European immigrant instilled an unrivalled work ethic in Chris, which he has passed on to all his family members. He is our specialist in procuring items, that most would think as lost as Atlantis.

  • María Márkou (Greek, Macedonian translation)

    Past areas of interest/expertise:
    European cultural history
    European hand-craftsmanship
    Fine Czechoslovakian crystal and ceramics

    "Don't divorce your wife: bring her a dozen roses; the shock will kill her, and you can use the roses for the funeral," Evan Esar.
    The former matriarch and ‘Chairman’ of Galeries Talitha Marco, Mary Marco, foresaw what started as a little shop in the back of an Italian restaurant, to what it is today, a multigenerational family business. Mary came to Australia on a Greek passport from a small village called Neret in Agean Macedonia/ Northern Greece (since C.1912). She was a survivor of the Greek Civil War and came to Australia to meet with her husband and provide a safe life for her family. Mary spoke 9+ European languages and favoured the culture of Prague in the Czech Republic. She was a voice of reason when their family started Galeries Talitha Marco over a decade ago, and gave faith to the family of the businesses opportunity to grow in Australia and perpetuate the importance of European culture and antiques. She worked tirelessly throughout her life and like her son, Chris, she invested in furniture, collectables and properties. Until old age, she owned her own small business whilst also helping guide Galeries Talitha Marco.
    Mary was an avid collector of fine Czech crystal and ceramics, and passed down a lot of knowledge to Talitha. She bought Talitha’s first Czechoslovakian Oil Painting for her in Australia whilst trying to show Talitha how to ‘bargain,’ (quite humorously), with merchants. Her love of gardens has flowed through Galeries Talitha Marco, and they continue to remain one of the only antique and furniture Galleries in Australia to exhibit original and modern European styled garden decor and furniture.

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