Our strictly confidential and private personal assistance service.

“Good morning this is your Galeries Talitha Marco Concierge. How can we assist you today?”

Our Concierge Service has been available to some of our private, special clientele for years and we are now opening this exclusive service up to our other clients through means of our new digital expansion.
It is a service that has organically grown with the nature of our business and the closeness and friendships we have developed with our lovely clientele. Our custom services cater to ones' every whim and have been inspired by five star hotel concierge services that our team have learnt from over the years.
Our team assists clients with all matters pertaining to their residence, commercial property and business, including but not limited to; our trusted building and design contacts, property maintenance, allocation of home assistance and access to our wholesale trade contacts.
We also offer our clientele more personalised services such as wedding and event planning; inclusive of catering, hiring of service staff, graphic design (Invitations and web), staff for running errands and even access to Perth’s best local, trusted merchants.
Over the years our team has assisted clients with personal makeovers, weddings, engagement parties, elaborate high tea events, home anniversary catering, cake designs, web development, pop-up bars, the planning of day trips and dates, luxury driver allocation and family holidays, to name a few.
All of our Concierge Service agreements are strictly confidential, and are priced as per specialised arrangement. We have displayed photos of some of our Concierge Services, with prior approval from each client. We respect clients privacy entirely and only exhibit photos and/or information to others upon their approval.
Our Concierge Service is particularly valuable for professionals who have recently moved to Perth and are trying to navigate life here, or busy medical and business professionals who do not have time to prepare for personal, family orientated or daily maintenance, events and tasks.
To learn more about what we can offer you through our Concierge Service, simply fill out an Enquiry Form below and we will promptly respond to you within 24 hours.

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