Talitha Marco – Director

"It is not enough to know your craft – you have to have feeling. Science is all very well, but for us, imagination is worth far more." - Édouard Manet.

Scholar of the arts, literature and history, Talitha distinguished herself in all the national and international universities she attended. She is currently preparing to study her PHD to further develop and expand her academic knowledge.
She continued her professional path working under the guidance of some of Perth’s leading entrepreneurs and her family’s building and design company. 

Equipped with a strong research inclined background in history, philosophy, literature and the arts, Talitha began to import European antiques and sell her pieces online. Her father Chris Marco and her family was very supportive of Talitha's chosen endeavour.  

‘Louis XIV is my most adored historical figure for his pioneer architectural and cultural accomplishments rather than political. Also, for his incredible foresight and contributions for the Modern French tourism economy,’ Talitha.
Noticing an increase in requests from her interior design clientele for authentic European Antique furniture, Talitha opened her first gallery, a small boutique in West Perth. 

Here, she formulated a new business plan to specialise in purely authentic European vintage and antique furniture, then to search for the perfect location for her growing business. 

The new Talitha Marco Gallery opened its doors to the public in early 2016, after Talitha and her team spent over 12 months restoring the C. 1906 Claremont Church Gallery. 

Talitha and her team travel to France, Italy, Europe & interstate regularly to meet with their trusted merchants, keeping a base in Paris, Talitha’s much loved second home. 

"I have a great team to work with including a master European restorer, an innovative designer and fantastic trades. We all have a great passion for what we do and we love working together. We also have a certain fondness for the preservation of history." -Talitha. 

Ian Graydon – Designer

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness” Frank Gehry. 

Working as an established designer nationally and locally in Perth, Ian has developed a deep appreciation for European Influenced design which is visually translated into his projects

He has restored local heritage buildings in Perth including The Melbourne Hotel and developed countless modern designs drenched with European flare for the businesses’ property portfolio.

“In Paris especially, my senses are completely overloaded with just truly astonishing feats of design conveyed through the furniture and artefacts we come across. Visiting our merchants after their winter shopping escapades you will find some really incredible pieces. 19th Century statuary crammed against extremely rare religious artefacts, covered in 17th Century tapestries, finds like this are common and never fail to entice our excitement. 

One of his favourite antique finds in France being a particularly rare series of 19th Century Christofle silver cutlery moulds, Ian favours modern designers such as Frank Gehry known for his ability to break boundaries and incorporate various forms of architectural influence into his projects. 

Ian’s favoured Gehry building being the Guggenheim in Spain which broke away from traditional neo-classical style whilst still including Modern European design features combined with his signature style. 

“It’s especially great to see an influx of appreciation of European design through the pieces we bring over into our westernised culture. We take so much influence from their predecessors yet rarely we look into the true form of its history. By importing all these beautiful pieces, I believe we are expanding the nature in which we can learn from history.” - Ian.